Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Inaugural AGM

Join us at the Inaugural Annual General Meeting of the MALAYSIA SUDOKU SOCIETY,and be a founding member.

Registration Fee: RM30
Annual Fee: RM20

Date : 15th December 2007 (Saturday)
Time : 3:00pm
Venue : Auditorium 2, National Science Center, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Do come to meet other Sudoku Enthusiasts and be a part of the founding AGM of Malaysia Sudoku Society! You would be part of the people who would decide what Malaysia Sudoku Society would organize for the coming years!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Welcome to Malaysia Sudoku Society

This would be the first post here for Malaysia Sudoku Society.

This blog would be the temporary "website" of Malaysia Sudoku Society, while the website is being constructed. If any of you out there is willing to help, do feel free to contact us!

The aims and objectives of the society are:-
a) To provide a platform for Sudoku enthusiasts to interact with each other.
b) To promote awareness of Sudoku among members of the public.
c) To generate interest in other Sudoku related games and puzzle.
d) To select competitors from Malaysia to take part in international competitions.

Entrance fee would be RM30 and yearly subscription would be RM20.

A protem committee has been selected.

Protem Chairman - Ir. Ismail Omar
Protem Secretary - Mr. Lee Yee Dian
Protem Treasurer - Mr. Wong Hon Wai
Protem Committee Members - Mr. Low Keng Lok, Mr. Jayaram Menon, Mr. Dominic Teoh Kok Kwang and Mr. Yeoh Chen Chow

The first AGM of Malaysia Sudoku Society is expected to be in December 2007 or January 2008. Watch this space for more information!